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From July 6 to 8 the place to be in the Callejon is up North in the village of Huaylas. In celebration of Santa Isabel the place revives in a bizar fiesta where the former Spanish and Inca surpressors are both rediculed and 'pashas', colorful men with long whips, crowd the streets. >>>>>

The festival of Huaylas start with the 'Rompe' on the evening of July 6 when each 'barrio' district carries a large Spanish boat made of paper to the central Plaza accompanied by music competing for the best performance. Putting the neighbourhood's honor at stake seems to have helped the survival of this century old tradition.
It is fascinating to see the plaza chance into a sea of fireworks in which the large spanish sailboats are dragged around while ten brassbands are playing a different tunes to complete the drunk chaos.

santa cruz

The most colorful performance on the 7th of July is by the colorfully dressed 'pashas' who where masks with painted faces of the Spanish conquestadodores to protect themselves against the whips they swing around. Make sure you keep some distance as you can get seriously injured if you get hit.
You can also see the dance of the incas and men dressed like horses, also symbolizing the Spanish as a reminder of how the region was run over by first Inca and then Spanish invaders. >>>>>

The town fills up fast during the festival when many people come over from LIma.
Ther isn't enough water in Huaylas under normal circumstances but during the festival the water crises is pressing. Don't expect to be able to take a shower as there just isn't enough water pressure. Most houses have stored water in the week before the festival for the most basic needs.

In the evening every neighbourhood has a delegation on the podium in the central plaza performing music or plays.

Photos: Kristinn Kristinsson

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