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CARAZ DULZURA en Castellano

Caraz is the last big town in the Callejon de Huaylas 72 km up North from Huaraz. It is situated lower than Huaraz and has a pleasant much warmer climate all year round.
Caraz is frequently visited by mountaineers and people who start their
Santa Cruz trek from the Caraz side (recommended!). If you have time, stay some time in relaxed Caraz which has numerous good hotels and restaurants and professional agencies where you can get trekking or biking gear. The nearby Caņon del Pato is famous in Peru for it's many tunnels and is quite spectacular to bike through.

Outdoor Adventures (Trekking and Biking) Agencies in Caraz

Summit Peru

CARAZ DULZURA (Sweet Caraz) it is also called. If you try some of the sweet cakes or the manjar blanco, on sale everywhere, you know that they take their reputation seriously. It seems that the icecream cone is a standard attribute for the Caracino. Some say that the famous explorer Antonio Raymondi gave the sweet nickname because he received a sweet breakfast, still common in Caraz. Others say it is because of the sugar cane fields that used to be around Caraz.
Caraz was much less affected by the 1970 earthquake than other cities in the Callejon and you will find impressive antique buildings all over town. The Club Union has a beautiful wallpainting of nearby lake Paron.

Hotels in Caraz

Caraz Dulzura

This year we visited Caraz during the Fiestas Patrias (National Celebration) of July 28. There are various marches in the lovely Plaza de Armas ( my favorite plaza in the Callejon), mostly of highschool students but also of military and even shoe polishers. People dress up nicely and the event is taken very seriously. You shouldn't disturb a Caracino who is watching the Fiestas Patrias marches in Lima life on tv!
Make sure you make a hotel reservation this time of the year because the town fills up fast with mostly people from Lima.

Restaurants en Caraz

Las Tres Ositas
Heladeria Caraz Dulzura

Caraz is also known for it's mototaxis that bring you cheaply anywhere in town. To the central market for example where you can buy flowers every wednesday if you get up early. The flowers are grown in the fields surrounding the town.
You can also buy cheese, ceramics, baskets, food, honey and hats to protect against the strong sun. It is also recommended to rip down a bag with greasy potatoe chips at the stall of the lady on the left. Muy rico.

On a Sunday you may want to check out "la Catedral", the sober but impressive church overlooking the Plaza de Armas. The Plaza gets a lot of it's character by it's iron fountain and by numerous huge palm trees. At day you can see people sitting in the shades of the trees on the benches in the plaza. Eating icecream.

So not a bad place to relax and to start some treks, do some biking or horseriding. At some times of year you can also enjoy rafting in the Rio Santa.

(Photos & story by K.K., August 2005)